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VF PCB have two fatories which is beside Dong bao river, DG VF  focus on Fr4, multi-layers PCB, special PCB, the Shenzhen faotory focus on metal-base PCB,big-size PCB.VF have passed UL, ISO9001 and other internal certificates,Our products include: Multilayer PCB、Metal base PCB、Hi-Tg heavy copper foil PCB、Flat winding multilayer PCB、High frequency PCB、Mixed dielectric base high frequency multilayer PCB. Developing and manufacturing all kinds of exceptive type PCB and special materials PCB. Products are used in wide range of hi-tech industries such as: telecommunication、power supply、computer、industrial control、digital products、science and education instruments、medical instruments、automobile、aerospace defence、ect.
VF concentrates on high quality、fast and satisfied service. Diligence、enterprising and trustworthy management、 marketing and service troop, will offer the best service for you

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Viafine PCB Technology LTD


Email: order@szvfpcb.com

1st factory Add: Wanxia Industries Park, Gonghe Road, Shajing Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
2nd factory Add:4th floor, Pingsheng Industry Park,Pingzhi Road,Changan Town, Dongguan City.